Client Testimonials


My name is Michelle Joyner. In 1989, my father died of injuries suffered in a construction accident in San Diego. My mother and I wanted to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the construction contractors. But nobody would take our case. Nine lawyers turned us down because the CAL-OSHA investigation report said the accident was all my dad's fault.

Then we were referred to AL SCHALLAU, Attorney at Law. He thought the CAL-OSHA report was bogus. He set out to prove that the accident was NOT caused by any negligence of my father.

We were so happy that Mr. Schallau agreed to handle our case. He retained an excellent construction expert and took many depositions. The most important eyewitness testified under oath that he was never interviewed at all by the CAL-OSHA investigator. Mr. Schallau had suspected that all along.

At the Mandatory Settlement Conference, the judge in San Diego Superior Court told all the attorneys that my father was NOT negligent in causing this accident, and that Mr. Schallau's written "Motion to Exclude Evidence of Decedent's Alleged Negligence" would probably be granted.

Before jury selection, our case was settled for big six-figure money. On top of that settlement, Mr. Schallau got us all workers compensation wrongful death benefits allowed by California law.

The day we retained AL SCHALLAU as our attorney, he told us that he would always return our phone calls the same day, and we could call him anytime. He kept that agreement 100 percent. One day I left a phone message at his office and Mr. Schallau called me back from New York City within an hour. To him, EVERY client's phone call is very important, and he always had time to talk to us.

We highly recommend AL SCHALLAU to any potential client.



My name is Luis Sibayan. In 1993, I suffered finger amputations on my right hand while operating an unguarded printing press. I wanted to file a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the printing press. But five lawyers turned me down and rejected my case.

Then I was referred to AL SCHALLAU, Attorney at Law. I took a large box of documents to his office. He talked with me for about 30 minutes and then said, "Okay, Luis. I will take your case. I like you and I want to help you."

I almost cried because I was so happy. He hadn't even looked at the documents in the box, so I said to him, "Mr. Schallau, I have to tell you that the employer's investigation report says that the accident was all my fault."

He said, "What's new? Every employer's investigation report says that. They never blame themselves, and they never blame the manufacturer for anything. They put it all on the injured worker every time."

Mr. Schallau and his office staff then found over 50 prior lawsuits against the same printing press manufacturer. Some of those accidents were almost identical to mine.

Five months after I retained the AL SCHALLAU LAW FIRM, my case was settled for $850,000. My wife and I used our share of that money to buy a beautiful brand new house. We think Mr. Schallau is an excellent lawyer, and we recommend him very highly to any potential client.



My name is Gerald Lewallen. In November, 1994, I was involved in a vehicle accident on Interstate 5, in which my car was sideswiped by a tractor-trailer rig. Subsequent to that event, I was contacted daily – sometimes twice a day – by the claims adjuster for the trucking company.

After they ignored my request that they not call me anymore, I hired a law firm to represent me in the matter and the harassing phone calls stopped. That law firm gathered data and depositions related to me and my accident. When it became apparent that my case would go to trial, that law firm brought in AL SCHALLAU to handle the trial of my case.

Al worked with my wife and me on all things related to my case. He videotaped the depositions of all our medical experts and played those videotapes at trial. The videotapes were tremendously helpful to our case.

Al was very tenacious in poking holes in the testimony of the trucking company's expert witnesses, while eliciting the best favorable statements from our own witnesses.

The end result was that we were awarded a judgment in excess of $790,000 due to the outstanding representation of AL SCHALLAU. That judgment was paid in full.



My name is Loydene Keith. I am the retired Dean of Students at Cal-State Fullerton.

I never thought I would be looking for a lawyer. But in 2002, I was seriously injured in a vehicle accident. Since the accident was not my fault, I thought someone would magically appear and pay my medical bills. That did not happen. I had to find an attorney who would represent me diligently. I am glad that I hired AL SCHALLAU as my lawyer.

For our first attorney/client meeting, Al came to my home (which was 60 miles from his office) to meet with me. No other lawyer made that offer. It was not any rush-rush meeting. He made it clear that he would take whatever time was needed to discuss my case.

When Al arrived, he already knew many facts about my case. He had taken the initiative to personally research many details of my accident. He listened carefully, asked incisive questions, and outlined the information I would need to collect, while explaining why it was important.

From that day onward, I felt we were a team working on my case. I had clear-cut choices to make as we went along. Al offered recommendations, but the final choices were mine to make and he always respected my decisions.

Trial preparation was stressful for me. It was difficult to have my credibility, motives, and personal integrity challenged by opposing counsel. Al helped me to understand how the trial preparation process worked. When the day approached for my deposition to be taken, he sent me a videotape that explained and illustrated the deposition process. He also met with me personally for deposition preparation.

The defense side had me examined by four doctors (an orthopedist, a neurologist, and two psychologists). Al went with me to every defense medical examination and always sat in on the medical examinations. I was never alone. He was polite but assertive in protecting my interests.

Al always kept me completely informed on the progress of my case. Example: Nine experts' depositions were taken, and Al had all of those depositions videotaped. He sent me a copy of every videotape and I watched them all. I noticed that in cross-examining defense experts, Al has a rare ability to turn those opposing experts into witnesses favorable to the plaintiff's side.

He was always well prepared. Before taking experts' depositions, he carefully checked out their past cases so he would know what to anticipate. He also checked out the past trials handled by our opposing attorneys.

I felt I had a personal representative in Al, not some faceless law firm where I would never know what lawyer would show up to represent me on a particular day. I always knew that Al would be the only lawyer representing me, and that he would be there for every deposition and every court hearing.

At our first meeting, Al said, "Call me any time you want to, and send me emails whenever you wish." He always had time to talk to me, and he always returned my phone calls within a few hours. When he was in the office, he frequently answered the phone himself. I sent him many emails, some of which were ten pages long. He responded appropriately to every email.

Most importantly, Al brought my case to a very successful conclusion. On the day set for jury selection, my case was settled for big six-figure money. I am very happy with the amount of the settlement.

Al loves taking on big challenges. He's not afraid of any opponent, and he is not afraid of long hours and working hard. And he answers his own phone.